Some Example Projects

We carry out all sorts of bespoke projects for clients: we’re happy to work to any brief (and help you define that brief) involving working with the technology community to improve your products, services or business.

We’re mostly hired for a mix of our headhunting and community engagement work, and as you can see from our projects, we’re happy to work from un-launched personal projects through to ground breaking government transitions.

The biggest team we helped create was Government Digital Services – from 20 to 200 in a year! And we’ve helped with engagement work from small groups that could fit in a meeting room, to global reaching conferences.

We prefer to work as a partner, on an ongoing retained basis and leave commission structures to “traditional” recruitment agencies. However, we can make exceptions for companies whose needs are one off, or very few in the year.

Latest Blog

We can now help you as your dedicated Head of Recruitment

We’re launching a new service where you can have Thayer as your Head of Recruitment for your company, part time. There is no minimum sign up time, no notice period if you'd like to stop and is a...

Latest Project

Finding a CEO for MySociety

MySociety were on the look out for a new CEO - we had the perfect match for them.