What other people say

Thayer is magically brilliant at recruiting amazing people. Completely different to any other recruitment experience I've ever had. She sends a few candidates through each week, and we seem to hire most of them. Saves time, stress and money, and results in superb hires. Literally couldn't be better.
Ben Whatley Co-founder and CEO, Memrise
Memrise case study
I worked with Team Prime on my latest venture, The People's Operator. Team Prime helped us architect the team structure, then find some of the smartest developers in the UK to start building our products - all within a few weeks of our first contact. We worked with them to hire both contract and permanent hires, and I love working with the team they crafted with us.
Jimmy Wales Chairman TPO (and Wikipedia)
The People’s Operator case study
Thayer has been central to the creation of the Government Digital Service. Sourcing and managing key people, creating and driving a team from scratch, not to mention playing a key part in knitting together a disparate bunch of outstanding digital people into a high performing team. Thayer’s insight, pragmatism and entrepreneurialism make her a standout digital advisor and partner.
Mike Bracken Executive Director, Digital at Cabinet Office, British Government
Government Digital Services case study

What we can help with


You can book an instantly confirmed 30 or 60 minute micro-consultancy call or Skype video conference. The perfect way to quickly get some advice for any area of recruitment or job hunting.


All our work is bespoke to fit each client's needs. We work with most of our clients on a retained consultancy basis, between one to three days a month on an as-and-when basis.

People finding

We’re happy to take on “traditional” recruitment work, but with a few caveats. We will search our network, and further afield. We also need quite a lot of details upfront about your interview process.