We love finding solutions for anything that involves people, communities and technology.

Working directly with C-Level executives we help create, shape, plan and deliver growth strategies within organisations making the world a better place.

I worked with Team Prime on my latest venture, The People's Operator. Team Prime helped us architect the team structure, then find some of the smartest developers in the UK to start building our products - all within a few weeks of our first contact. We worked with them to hire both contract and permanent hires, and I love working with the team they crafted with us.

Jimmy Wales
Chairman TPO (and Wikipedia)

Thayer has been central to the creation of the Government Digital Service. Sourcing and managing key people, creating and driving a team from scratch, not to mention playing a key part in knitting together a disparate bunch of outstanding digital people into a high performing team. Thayer’s insight, pragmatism and entrepreneurialism make her a standout digital advisor and partner.

Mike Bracken
Executive Director, Digital at Cabinet Office, British Government

I had a vague idea of what I needed – to connect the BFI to a bunch of highly creative technologists who would be interested in partnerships and business development – and someone said to me “you need Thayer”. They were right. Thayer was a delight to work with and did a great job of keeping me, the project and all the people in line – and the BFI got great value and connections (always important when you’re a charity).

Richard Ayers
Head of Digital Business Development at the BFI

We have worked with the likes of …

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