We build technology teams and communities.

We specialise in headhunting, recruitment strategy, and finding solutions for anything that involves people/communities and technology. We’ve built teams from just a few select people to hundreds big. Putting the right people together in a group (from recruiting teams to helping craft your event guestlist) is our speciality.


We work with companies to find the perfect technologist for their role – from junior developers through to CTOs and all roles in between: including Technical Project Managers, UX specialists, Quality Assurance people, and many more. We also specialise in being able to define roles and find people for emerging jobs, such as rapid prototypers, webops and unusual developer hybrids.


We can help you craft any part of your technologist recruitment strategy: from reviewing or defining your organisation structure, to finding the key people in a community to help move your organisation or ideas forward. If you want to connect with digital technologists in any way, we know how to make it happen from a decade of experience and an awesome black book.


We help organisations and brands build relationships and communities within the technology sector. If you’re looking to start a conversation with one or more developers, specialist technology users or creators, or just get a feel for what’s happening within the general information technology space – we can help you.

We work with the likes of …

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